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*All points are subject to change, please check the University of Limerick website for the most up to date information

Bachelor/Masters of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering

The Aeronautical Engineering course at UL is a gateway into the hugely exciting aerospace industry. This elite course is one of the most respected in Europe and is supported by outstanding facilities, including wind tunnels and composites manufacturing equipment. Right now, job prospects have never been brighter for Aerospace Engineers, with a major shortage in Europe. More than 70% of our graduates work in the Aerospace industry and 63% live in the Republic of Ireland. Graduates have reached the highest echelons of the Aerospace industry and job prospects have never been brighter for Aerospace Engineers. In 3rd year, top performing students can spend a semester at the world-renowned Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, USA, or at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA which is currently ranked in the top 5 US engineering schools.

Course code: LM077
Duration:4 Years
CAO Points: 589*

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and Engineering

The main aim of the course is to give you the skills to take projects from design to reality. The course will provide you with a broadly based management and technological education so that you are capable of recognising, evaluating and solving constructional and business problems associated with building and civil engineering projects. The course will teach you how to adapt to technological change in a competitive industrial climate. Managing construction projects requires a high level of organization, both commercially and technologically. Construction management prepares you to systematically plan, organise and manage resources such as finance, labour, plant and materials. Construction engineering gives you the skills necessary to implement processes and methods of construction to produce a quality building in an efficient and safe manner.

Course Code: LM082
Duration: 4 Years
CAO Points: 455*

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

This programme is the only course of its kind in the Mid-West and Western regions of the country. Process engineering is the central area of expertise underpinning many important, sustainable industries and businesses within both the Irish and global economies. Such enterprises include: biopharmaceuticals, fuels, chemicals, and drug manufacture, energy production, food and beverage processing, environmental waste remediation, and electronic component manufacture. The Irish pharmaceutical, chemical and biochemical industries have been primarily responsible for the recent consistent increases in the national export performance, proving these sectors to be stable and resilient, even in harsh economic conditions. In all of these areas, the chemical/biochemical engineer is of key importance both in the design and operation of the processing systems and in the development and manufacture of novel products. The IChemE accreditation ensures international professional recognition for graduates of the degree.

Course code: LM115
Duration: 4 Year
CAO Points: 475*

Engineering (Common Entry)

Engineers are concerned with developing economical and safe solutions to practical problems, by applying mathematics and scientific knowledge while considering technical constraints. LM116 Engineering common entry is designed to provide you with a gateway to your preferred engineering discipline. You will complete a broad first year which will introduce you to various topics in engineering. Having gained a better understanding of each subject area, you then choose your preferred pathway to specialise for the remaining years of your degree programme. At UL, you get to try before you decide.

Course Code: LM116
Duration: 4 Years
CAO Points: 489*

Bachelor/Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering programme at UL is fully accredited by Engineers Ireland and uses a student-centered approach to teaching, using techniques such as problem based learning and active learning. In year one (common entry programme), you will develop your ability to work as part of a team, to plan and present, to undertake research and to apply your knowledge. Civil engineering is a broad field of engineering dealing with the design, planning, construction and maintenance of fixed structures or public works as they are related to earth, water, or civilization and their processes.

Course code: LM116
Duration: 4 Years
Entry route to Civil Engineering at UL is via LM116 Engineering Common Entry.



Bachelor of Engineering in Design and Manufacture

Design and Manufacture Engineering covers a range of topics which are directly relevant to solving big real-world problems on a world-class scale. The vision for Design and Manufacture is to design useful working products, seeing them developed from possibility and concept, through practicalities of manufacture, to real use, and eventual recycling after their life’s end. In common with all UL programmes, In choosing to study this programme, you will build upon your skills and aptitude for design and analytical work. You will cover a range of subjects including fundamentals of design and production processes, computer-aided design, automation, materials, quality, capacity planning and simulation, costs and sustainability.

Course Code: LM116
Duration: 4 Years
Entry route to Design and Manufacture Engineering at UL is via LM116 Engineering Common Entry

Bachelor/Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a very broadly based discipline and students following the degree programme are prepared for careers in many industrial sectors, including such diverse areas as Energy, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Research, Automation, Manufacturing, Design Consultancy, Materials Processing and Aviation. The Mechanical Engineering Degree programme aims not only to give you a thorough background in fundamental Mechanical Engineering subjects but also allows specialisation in one of a number of areas of particular relevance to Irish and international industry. Mechanical Engineering at the University of Limerick adheres to traditional guidelines set down by the professional engineering institutions (such as Engineers Ireland and IMechE) and requires you to have an aptitude for mathematics and problem-solving.

Course code: LM116
Duration: 4 Years
Entry route to Design and Manufacture Engineering at UL is via LM116 Engineering Common Entry

The Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) degree programme has been developed in conjunction with employers to meet the demand for graduates with strong skills in computer software and electronic hardware engineering, along with mathematical analysis abilities, to support current and emerging societal needs. This programme of study will support the development of skills required to develop and employ technologies to tackle many of the challenges of the coming decades including Internet edge devices, climate change, electric vehicles, sustainable development, energy, personalised health and well-being, and artificial intelligence, as well as other innovative areas such as entertainment and autonomous vehicles. Graduates of this degree programme will play key roles in the research, design, development, test and installation of future systems.

Course Code: LM118
Duration: 4/5 Years
CAO Points: 444*

Bachelor of Science in Immersive Software Engineering

The goal of Immersive Software Engineering is to turn curious, creative people like you into top notch problem solvers and software engineers, familiar with concepts, methods and tools, and with about 2 years of experience gained in the field in up to 5 companies.

Software engineers enjoy incredible careers. They work all over the world, in every sector of economy and society, shaping the solutions to the important problems the world faces, at the local and at the global level. They are well rewarded for it, both economically and in prestige.

CAO Points: 803 (includes a portfolio worth 300 points)
Course Code: LM173
Duration: 4 years